Tax Preparation

Why use High Country Tax Preparation?

We're a small shop. We focus on helping busy individuals, couples, and families prepare and file their state and federal income tax returns. We're quick, we're through, and we're looking for ways to save you money.

Services provided:

  • Federal Income Tax Preparation

  • State Income Tax Preparation

  • Electronic Income Tax Filing

We use electronic signatures and are an essentially paperless organization. We keep personal contact to a minimum and use technology to prepare, review, and file your returns. So, if you like our service (and you will), we can help you no matter where you are.

What makes High County Tax Preparation better?

With over 15 years of tax experience, we have the expertise to help you file your tax return.

We primarly operate during "tax season", but we're available to help answer questions throughout the year. Our tax professionals all have outside employment, this brings an outside perspective to how we operate, but also allows us to focus on what is important to you...completing your tax returns quickly, accurately and in a manner to maximize your refund.

We're certain you'll enjoy working with us, and we look forward to starting the conversation.

Meet the Tax Professionals.

Alex Dempster is the primary tax preparer at High County Tax Preparation.

  • Professional Experience: Mr. Dempster has over 15 years of tax experience. His background includes working in banking, small business underwriting, credit analysis, and consumer finance

  • Education: Alex Dempster has earned a BSBA in Economics and a MBA, both from the University of Denver in Denver, CO

  • Civic Engagement: Mr. Dempster is active in the community. He has been involved with several nonprofit and community organizations. His most recent civic involvement was with Colorado Lending Source and he recently held a leadership officer role with the Colorado Business Development Foundation

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