For Retailers

Denver Fly Shop, Colorado

For sales, ordering & customer service questions, call Alex at 303.246.1165 or

Diversify Your Sales

We have clients around the globe. Our original art hangs in homes and offices as far away as Australia, but most of our customers live right here in the Rocky Mountains.

Product Profile

Our art is unlike anything else. Our artist is a natural, with an eye for beauty. Each painting highlights the strengths of the subject with strong colors and a satisfying shape. Our paintings are feminine and beautiful, not masculine and rugged. Our art will look great hanging on your walls, and even better hanging on your customers walls.

Pricing for Retailers

Contact us for a retailer pricing sheet. Send an email to with the following information: (i) business name, (ii) website address, (iii) federal tax ID number (TIN/EIN), (iv) contact information (email & phone), and (v) mailing address. We will add your shop name to our list of partners.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are only happy as long as you're happy. If our art isn't selling in your shop or business and you purchased it, we will replace it. Let us know what you want and we'll trade you for something different, at no cost to you.

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