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Large Rainbow Trout III

Large Rainbow Trout III (in watercolor)

Framed Large Rainbow Trout III (in watercolor)

This Rainbow Trout original painting is printed on 140 pound, cold-pressed, acid-free watercolor paper by Denver's finest art shop. Please select the option you would like below. 

The Rainbow Trout print without a fly inset is framed in a 10x20 inch wall frame (11.5x21.5 inch actual size) and matted. 

Price: $40
Shipping: $20

The Rainbow Trout print with an elk hair caddis fly inset is framed in a 11x14 inch wall frame (14x16.5 inch actual size) and matted.

Price: $60
Shipping: $20

This large  Rainbow Trout was one of the first Alaskan trout in our portfolio of paintings.

The fish in this painting was inspired by a fish caught and released by our friend Mike in Alaska's rivers. The rumor is that this fish was caught using an artificial mouse...that's one hungry fish.