Fly Paintings

You don't need a big fly to catch a big fish. These framed fly patterns make great gifts!

Framed Fly Pattern Prints

Did you know bugs could be so beautiful? All images are printed on 140 pound, cold-pressed, acid-free watercolor paper. All orders are framed, matted, and signed. These paintings are perfect additions to any angler's desk, house, cabin, or office.  

Framed Royal Wulff Pattern in Watercolor

Royal Wulff Pattern
"Estes Park Fish Food"

Framed Elk Hair Caddis Pattern in Watercolor

Elk Hair Caddis Pattern
"Yellowstone's Secret"

Framed Grasshopper Fly Pattern in Watercolor

Grasshopper Fly Pattern
"Sunny Afternoon Delight"

Framed Wooly Bugger Fly Pattern in Watercolor
Wooly Bugger

Wooly Bugger Fly Pattern
"Toss It Out There"

Framed Adams Fly Pattern in Watercolor
Adams Fly

 Adams Fly Pattern
"Hatch & Catch"

Framed Beadhead Pheasant Tail in Watercolor
Beadhead Pheasant Tail Pattern
"The Dropper"

Framed Blue Winged Olive in Watercolor
Blue Winged Olive Pattern
"Fish On!"

Framed San Juan Worm Fly in Watercolor

San Juan Worm Pattern